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Laser Hair Regeneration

Hair regeneration treats pattern hair loss in males and females, hair thinning, and hair loss from a multitude of causes such as scars, hair extensions, illness, or trichotillomania. These treatments seek to help you understand the personal cause of hair loss, prescribe a realistic and results-oriented treatment plan, and monitor your progress.

Dr. Martin is a Bauman Certified Hair Coach capable of performing Hairchecks on our patients.

About Haircheck®

HairCheck® is a scientific hand-held measuring device designed to precisely and accurately measure hair loss, growth and breakage on any area of the scalp. No hair needs to be cut and pain-free non-invasive measurements take only about 5 minutes. When hair loss or breakage is suspected, your Bauman Certified Hair Coach™ will be able to help by making appropriate suggestions as well as measure the response to the recommended plans and treatments on an ongoing basis. HairCheck® will save time and money by providing quantitative evidence of whether or not a particular treatment plan is actually working. Just like a scale is used for tracking weight, Haircheck® will track your hair’s progress!

Genetic Test for Hairloss

This genetic test consists of a simple painless cheek swab and is for men and women 18 years of age or older who have not yet lost their hair, as it will effectively predict the risk of hair loss depending on test results. This becomes invaluable information that empowers the person who was been tested to explore solutions to manage their hair loss BEFORE it becomes visually apparent. Your local Bauman Certified Hair Coach™ will serve as your primary resource who can help from the very start by offering effective solutions that may stop and/or delay your hair loss.

Low-Level Lasers

Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy is a non-chemical, non-invasive solution that is being used around the world for the treatment of hair loss. While results vary, patients who have “more hair” or are in the early stages of hair loss tend to have better results. Many men and women are seeing positive changes in their hair in as little as 4 months.