Synergie® Elite: Your Cellulite Solution

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Synergie® Elite: Your Cellulite Solution

Added on: 01.24.17, by Dr. Joyce Martin

Are you struggling with unwanted cellulite in undesirable areas? Synergie® Elite is the ultimate solution for reducing cellulite using revolutionary vacuum massage technology. The vacuum massage manipulates the collagen fibers and connective tissue, while simultaneously increasing metabolism and local blood circulation.

We know you are tired of hearing that there is a "magical solution" to reducing cellulite - but Synergie® actually works! In a recent study, approximately 91% of women treated with Synergie® reported a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite. While exercise is important (and we encourage going to the gym - strong is beautiful!), let Synergie® work for you for that stubborn cellulite.

What is the treatment program for Synergie®?

A typical Synergie® treatment program consists of twice a week sessions for several weeks, followed by monthly maintenance visits. The treatment lasts approximately 30-40 minutes. 

During your treatment program, we recommend that you drink enough water - 2 - 3 literes per day - to help you reach your goal. It is also important to maintain a proper diet and exercise for an overall healthy lifestyle.